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Thought Leadership

“Money is just one form of currency among many.
Currency = Freedom
When you realize this, you will go far

When They Call You “Dear”

There are just some things that make me cring and being called "Dear" is one of them. Especially when it's delivered by a man I don't know well. There's a certain creep factor that automatically makes him 20 years older and confirms we are from a separate era. It's not sarcastic or mean, it's just, well, creepy. Yes, I'm willing to consider I might have some old baggage around it because I imagine the word as it comes out of his mouth being delivered in the voice of my grandparents from each to the other with a certain undercurrent of hostility....

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When Friends Just Need a Little Food Love

She entered through the darkness, the hot humid night soaking into her skin with a silky touch. Her mind drifted with a quick visual of the mostly eaten potatoes au Gratin she had left in the white porcelain dish on the electric glass stove-top. The creamy white potatoes glistened with the flavorful oils of butter, cheese and cream, translucent tendrils of onions snaking between their red skinned edges.  Flecks of black pepper and herb seasoning were folded in between layers of potatoes, onion, cheese and cream. She smiled lightly recalling the of her three dieting friends who threw all restrictions to...

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When Easy-Bake Ovens Are Over

The smell of chocolate wafted through the warm kitchen, deep rich and comforting. The small girl sat impatiently looking through the plastic window of the small oven sitting up on the kitchen table to see if it was done yet. The Easy-Bake Oven that she had been given for Christmas was just her size and exactly like the one she had seen on TV and begged for all year long. It had just-right-sized pans for baking cookies, cakes and cupcakes, and little bowls for mixing the pre-made mixes. She just added water, mixed it up, and popped them into the...

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Calling Female Fund Managers

Mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be cowgirls …. It’s a casting call and not enough women are showing up as portfolio managers, states a recent article in Investment News. The world of mutual fund managers is relatively small at 7,410 managers nation-wide, and only 9% of those managers are women. That’s about 667 industry-wide. Just about enough for a good sized rodeo, but not enough to share the positive impact male/female fund teams bring to the industry according to Morningstar Inc. Of the total assets invested in mutual funds, those 667 women only manage $252 billion. Mamma’s, perhaps...

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Last April I taught a three-week series on Women and Money. It consisted of two cohort groups taking the classes on three consecutive Wednesdays or Thursdays. The 50 women attendees varied in age and wealth, but mostly over 50 years old. They were all concerned about one thing: making in through retirement without running out of money. Becoming a Bag Lady is a very real and familiar fear for many women of maturity. “Sixty is the new forty,” I told them, “because think about it ladies, its likely that everyone here will live another 40 or more years. That’s time to...

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