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Thought Leadership

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish,
but it will not replace you as the driver.”
– Ayn Rand

Women doomed to fall behind in retirement?

Women Still Doomed to Fall Behind in Retirement?

Are we going to have another generation of women living in the “less-than” zone and outliving men while spending the last days of their lives at a lower standard of living? The answer is yes if we keep it up. Starting early is extraordinarily important and it seems the millennials have more awareness and resistance to acquiring the debt our country is so famous for. But the women are still saving less. The most recent study is out from T Rowe Price and it projects that millennial women are saving less than their male counter parts. Although the study reports millennials overall...

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Just Imagine a world without provety

How Big Data Can Help Make Poverty Obsolete

Finally, there is a place where our obsession with data collection can help. While outrageously invasive, big data is helping us do many things these days and might even help social impact investing. Some of Big Data motivations are driven by consumerism and the need for buyer research, and others are reporting information that can make serious social impact in a Good way. There is a new ecosystem of data-driven programs designed to help the poor save more, live better and discover economic security for themselves. The US and other wealth nations have spent trillions of dollars in the past half-century...

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Five Reasons Why Alternative Investments are the Jam on Your Bread

Five Reasons Why Alternative Assets are the Jam on Your Bread

Whether you are an investor or an investment advisor looking for unique opportunities, alternative investments are the jam on your bread when it comes to differentiating your portfolios and adding upside potential. Why do I use the analogy of bread and jam? Because bread is a staple in our diets and can be used in many circumstances, but it is the jam that makes it notable.  Your ‘bread’ in this case would be your standard investments, companies you know, understand, and that have consistent long term returns and tack records. Alternatives are best when applied with discretion and taste. So...

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Merriman Capital Enters the Women’s Advisory Services Market with Key Hire

SAN FRANCISCO - June 11, 2015 - Merriman Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: MERR), the parent company of Merriman Capital, Inc., is pleased to announce the hiring of  Zoe Sexton, a highly experienced financial services entrepreneur, to expand the firm's Wealth Management division and meet the growing need for women-centric wealth management services. Ms. Sexton brings 20 years of experience in financial services with a primary focus on serving women, multi-generational families and business owners. Ms. Sexton will focus on expanding Merriman's Wealth Management platform and its offering for family offices, entrepreneurs and women by providing holistic wealth management on investments, business-succession strategies, retirement...

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