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Editorial Blog

Calling Female Fund Managers

Mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be cowgirls …. It’s a casting call and not enough women are showing up as portfolio managers, states a recent article in Investment News. The world of mutual fund managers is relatively small at 7,410 managers nation-wide, and...

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Last April I taught a three-week series on Women and Money. It consisted of two cohort groups taking the classes on three consecutive Wednesdays or Thursdays. The 50 women attendees varied in age and wealth, but mostly over 50 years old. They were all concerned...

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Embrace Your Tribe: Women & Crowdfunding

Everyone knows men's ventures are funded more than women's right? But there's one area of finding where women are consistently outperforming men. It's crowd funding. In recent research, Jason Greenberg of New York University and Ethan Mollick of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School report that...

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Trumping Competitive Ego-based Language

The race is on to understand how to communicate with women in an industry filled with competitive, ego-based language and covert it to one of balance and holistic purposefulness. What speaks to female investors? In a 2013 NextWoman wrote about Marianne Abib-Pech and her career change from Arthur...

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Why Family Offices Invest in Real Estate

For the most part, the purpose of the family office is to effectively transfer established wealth across generations. So investing in real estate--developing a housing complex, shopping center or even a town--have been primary ways family offices have created long-lasting wealth and contributed to economic...

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Multi-family or Apartments? What’s the difference?

Joe Real Estate developer just called me and asked me to invest in his property with four, two-bedroom, two-bath units with a small yard. Is this a multi-family unit or a small apartment complex? What should I consider before investing? Knowing the right answer to this...

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Women doomed to fall behind in retirement?

Women Still Doomed to Fall Behind in Retirement?

Are we going to have another generation of women living in the “less-than” zone and outliving men while spending the last days of their lives at a lower standard of living? The answer is yes if we keep it up. Starting early is extraordinarily important and...

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Women and Money

How Big Data Can Help Make Poverty Obsolete

Finally, there is a place where our obsession with data collection can help. While outrageously invasive, big data is helping us do many things these days and might even help social impact investing. Some of Big Data motivations are driven by consumerism and the need...

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